Introducing our Mental Health Muscle iPhone case!

Our Mission

Our goal is simple. To produce the best Apple Watch and iPhone accessories possible whilst doing business the right way.

No mass-produced designs, no "fast fashion" and no compromises.

At least 20% of profits donated

We are teaming up with worthy organisations who make a real difference in people's lives. From supporting Contact the Elderly's campaign to stop loneliness in older generations, or Mental Health Muscle's drive to combat mental health through community fitness projects. These issues matter.

A minimum of 20% of our profits will be donated - look out for collaborations when up to 40% is donated.

No Compromises

Tired of mass produced, low quality products from overseas? Us too! We care about quality and design. Our designs are sketched out right here in the UK by genuine lovers of design and style.

Products that don't cost the Earth

Making sure Icon Days makes a positive impact on our community and our planet is crucial to our mission. Our minimal packaging is both recycled AND recyclable, we avoid next-day shipping and limit our use of harmful plastics.